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 Upload up to 30 pictures
You may upload up to thirty pictures into your personal profile for the evaluation and comments of other community members.
 Detailed photo statistics
Each picture you upload has its own statistics. This enables you to
  • see who has evaluated your photo,
  • see how many points the respective user has awarded your photo,
  • view the comments which have been submitted for each picture,
  • see how many times the picture has been accessed and see the evaluations and average scores for each picture.
 New matching concept "who gave me a high rating"
Would it not be an advantage to know who has given your photo a high score? This would save you a great deal of time in your search for a partner, since it would enable you to contact directly those people who also find you attractive. And this is precisely what our new matching system makes it possible for you to do.
 Send flirt messages
If you find a user attractive, you can use our message system to establish contact by sending him or her a flirt message.
 Message archive
You can use your personal message archive to administer all messages sent and received and store them for an unlimited period.
 Add picture comments
As well as sending flirt messages, all members have the opportunity to add comments to the pictures.
 Friendship Network
You can use your own friendship network to extend your circle of acquaintances. Simply use your existing friends to form new friendships.
 Free short URL
You will receive your own short URL ([nickname]) for your profile. Ideal for passing on to friends and acquaintances, who will then not need to spend long periods of time looking for you.
 Detailed member search
You can take advantage of our detailed member search to find users who match your criteria quickly and easily.
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